Friday, February 5, 2010


      Yesterday I was sitting at the dining room table, typing recipes for the Relay for Life cookbook in Bemidji...I'm a glutton for punishment...I can type fast and I can't stand it when someone tries to do something...and I know I can help them and get it done faster! quilts sit in my sewing room unfinished...sorry Daniel, Calvin, Nathan, Presley, etc....they will get done!
      I was typing and looked out the window and the chickadees were flitting back and forth to our feeder that's suctioned to our picture I grabbed the camera and probably took 20 pictures, but caught them a time or two having a would land, eat, fly off...another would come and do the same.  They kept this up all afternoon...I should have stopped to think what that meant...a snowstorm is coming!  These outside critters have trained us to watch them instead of the TV weather to figure out what's going the weatherman said a winter storm watch is coming tomorrow...and Sunday...those chickadees are pretty smart little guys!

      We have another critter who occupies our time...she stands at the back door, waiting patiently to be let out and then back in...about 6 times per least she sleeps through the night!  Tonight I was walking through the kitchen after capturing the lovely jars of salsa, when I caught her looking at me saying, "I just need to go out one more time..."  You see, every time she comes in, she thinks it's time to eat...she practically points to her bowl and then we have to remind her that she just ate.  She's NOT smarter than us, but she wishes she was!

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  1. She is so cute, how can you refuse?