Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pioneer Woman

     I recently purchased something just for myself.....

     It is Pioneer Woman's cookbook!  Every stinkin recipe has a picture!  I love that kind of cookbook....and her recipes are so down-to-earth simple.  If you've never heard about her, you might live in a box...well, maybe not....her website is one I follow on my blog list.  She has an awesome website HERE where she shares her life as a wife, mom, cook...and lots of recipes.  She also has a show on Food Network that's fun to watch.

     So...I am browsing her website this morning and lo and behold...she has a brand new cookbook coming out soon.  Check out her website, you can browse her cookbook on amazon...or purchase your own copy.  I found mine on for a deal...makes me think I need to sell some of my cookbook stash on there...

     This winter weather makes me think of trying new recipes.  What are you up to this winter?  I'd love to hear from you!

     On another note, I have joined the ranks of pinterest and have a button on my sidebar where you can follow's a fun site where you can create "boards" or categories for anything that is interesting on any website...and then you can follow other people and see what their "boards" are filled with.  I love it because I'm old and forgetful and now I have all my web ideas in one spot...PINTEREST!

     Now to go try a new recipe....

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  1. Love my cookbook from Pioneer Woman :-) waiting for the second one to come out now! She is so fun to watch on her tv show too isn't she? So enjoy your blog as well as Roz and Jen's too.