Saturday, April 28, 2012

It's almost May....more new clothes...and a new toy!

The spring work has begun!  5 cabins cleaned and only 8 to go!  That's how I plan my journey to the new resort season each year.  Getting all the cabins cleaned is such a great feeling.  Steve's spring work consists of finishing up all the projects we voted to do last fall...and wow, we have alot to do!  We stress every year and we always get on to our 25th season at Cedar Rapids Lodge!

We see the UPS guy alot in the spring.  He delivers most of our clothes and gift items for the lodge.  Here's a few new ones...
Looks blue but is really lavender/periwinkle...nylon 1/4 zip

This one is a bright pink.

There's also white!  And for the men....

A dark grey.  I think I should have ordered more than I did!

After many years...of contemplation...the Lodgemaster got a new tractor!  He's very excited and has been practicing his moves!  Here it is on arrival day...

Mr. Bobcat, Duane, is unloading it.

And here's the happy owner!  I really need to learn to drive this thing...looks like fun!

When our spring work is done, we look forward to welcoming all our guests...and watching them enjoy the this

And making friends...

And memories!

If you're looking for memories, try us!  You won't be disappointed.
Here's to warm weather and friends!

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