Tuesday, October 23, 2012

You Won't Believe This!

      Some Minnesota resort owners are skeptical when this truck shows up at your resort....

      We were excited when they arrived today...with several tanks of fish on their truck and trailer!  Our lake gets stocked with walleyes every other year...and this fall we had gotten one truckload of walleyes...but only 90 pounds.....today, we got 560 pounds....and wow, these fish were huge!  Check it out....
      We just stood in awe as the fish started "flying" out of the tanks...look at their size!

This is Gary...our neighbor who works at Fisheries in Bemidji...can you see the giant fish in the water?

We've never gotten walleye stocked that are this size...they have a fighting chance over the winter!

The fish were almost too big for the hole and had to be pushed out from inside the tank!

The Lodgemaster holding up a whopper!  Heck, we can't catch a walleye that big!!

So....do you have a reservation for next summer at Cedar Rapids Lodge?  If not....you're going to miss out on all this great walleye fishing next year!  Look us up...we'd love to have you come and stay with us!  I think even Steve and I will be able to catch a walleye in 2013!

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  1. I showed the pics to Dylan and he's already getting geared up for July!! :)