Monday, November 19, 2012

I am Thankful !

       Tis the season....and the be thankful for all we've been given!  I have so much to be thankful for, I don't know where to begin!  Maybe here...with family...
Our daughter Jen, with husband Marc,
Calvin, Nate & Jill

Our son, Max, with wife Sara,
Will, Greyson & Tate

Our middle son, Sam, with wife, Roz,
Ben, Lucien, Monica & Olivia

Our youngest son, John & his wife, Alicia...
and grandbaby #11 in May!!

Our kids and their families have been such a huge part of our resort...we couldn't have done it without them!
Everyone pitches in when they come to visit!  What a blessed part of the summer our family has been...heck, we love them all year long!!

I'm thankful for a Papa who builds a car wash for the kids....just because his wife saw this crazy idea on pinterest!  It was a hit!!

I'm thankful for the "chipmunk hunting crew" who choose to play outside instead of video games inside!

I'm thankful for special resort visitors who bring new elves for the "Elfun Trail"....even if it is the Milwaukee Brewers!  Thank you, Luke & Gracie!

I was thankful for 2 days in July to sew with my cousins...what a fun time!

I'm thankful for "beach hunks" who wander the resort with an apple and a pinecone...and that's a great day!!

I'm thankful we have a pool for the hot summer weather...and the grandkids are thankful too!

I'm thankful that for the last 11 years, we've always had a smiling grandbaby....year after year after year!

I'm thankful for 25 years of sunsets over the lake...a picture we never take for granted!

I'm thankful that we have this nice pile of wood for the winter fires!

So thankful we finally got one of make that woodsplitting a little easier for the Lodgemaster!

I'm thankful for walks in the woods with my husband...where we get to see God's creatures...up close!

Heck, I'm even thankful for this crazy dog...she loves the resort life!

Wow...I guess I have alot in my life to be thankful for!  We'll cook the turkey and fixins on Thursday and contemplate all our blessings...and thank God for this life He has blessed us with!
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

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  1. And I am thankful for a wonderful cousin whose friendship I cherish! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!