Wednesday, December 12, 2012


           So...December, 12th month, 12th day, 12th year in  Just another day for us...I went shopping with my Wednesday Quilters friends....we are making Christmas for a special family this year.  It's so much fun shopping for someone who has no idea that their holiday is about to be a little bit better...for them and especially for their little ones.  God has blessed us ladies and we want to bless others!  Fun times...

           I'm also waiting very patiently for a special blogging friend to have her 5th child today!  Waiting is so hard...wouldn't you think she'd be on facebook in recovery just to let us all know the babe is born!!

          Our home gets festive this time of the year....we don't have alot of visitors, but the grandkids sure enjoy the traditions at Papa and Nana's house each year!  The musical snowmen, santas, snoopy, the Charlie Brown crowd dressed for the Nativity....and the tree....

Check out that sunset out the window...makes the tree appear a little darker, but you get the idea!

Steve's sleigh & reindeer project he made in grade school! 

The Charlie Brown nativity set...these characters get rearranged frequently!

My Mom's little spot...her Christmas Village, characters and ceramic tree...I sure miss her!

Just a glance at our cozy living space, warm fire...snowing outside...Christmas everywhere...

The swinging lodge door gets closed for the winter...our cozy fireplace in the kitchen.

Santa's workshop...a.k.a....the sewing room.  Lots of projects planned with little time to finish them!

One of our favorite things to do all winter long is walk through the woods....

The dog leads the way...she gets so excited when we put our boots on!

This day was a cold one!  Only about 5 degrees with a 20 mph wind...but a refreshing walk through the Elfun Trail!

We even stopped to climb the treehouse!  See my new walking sticks?  I must be getting old...I like the stability of these poles!

Thought you cabin #6 guests would like to see your new screened be stained in the spring!

A new roof for shade on the deck of cabin #5...

and a new one on cabin #12 too!

There you are....what's going on in December at Cedar Rapids Lodge.  If you'd like to come vacation with us when the snow is melted, let us know!  We'd love to vacation with your family!
Merry Christmas!


  1. Sooo cute of you two!!! I MISS you. And ALWAYS want to be there when I see the looks so cozy. Very cute tree project, btw. you, dear sis-o-mine....


  2. What a cute couple! Love love love the self-portrait!!!