Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Another Snow Day!

       So....tomorrow is spring....in some parts of the world!  Not in northern Minnesota!  We are buried under several feet of snow!  I'm thankful that we don't have to go anywhere...unless we want to!
This is the view out my back door this morning!
The paths out of this place are getting very narrow!  Yikes!

The poor deer are so hungry they come during the day to eat...they're so skinny!
They watch us...we watch them...they know who feeds them!

This is the view out my sewing room window...can you see the giant flakes on the glass?

So....what do I do on a snowy day?
I dig out my molds from 1985...and....

I make lots of Easter candy for my grandkids!
Aren't they pretty?  The little eggs have rice krispies mixed in...yummy!
I think my little ones will think their Nana is a genius!  
If you live close and you want to borrow my molds...come over!  It's a great snowy day project!

So...last year at Easter time, my Mom died and our entire family gathered in IL to say goodbye.  Easter will be always be a reminder of that special celebration of my Mom's life...and her wonderful journey into heaven!  I have this special Christmas plate from Mom...that I coveted for years!  I always dug it out of her cupboard at Christmas time and we'd put all the goodies on it...so I was excited to bring it home and continue the tradition...Christmas is over, but I just noticed it didn't get put away with the Christmas decorations, so I have to share it...
Isn't it cute?  Every Christmas, this little girl standing on the plate will remind me of past Christmases...happy times...and she will be a part of our traditions...and someday get passed down to my daughter!
So...I used her(before I put her away) to show some of the new little candles for the resort gift shop...
Teeny little 1 oz. travel tins of soy candles in many different fragrances!  Aren't they cute?  Perhaps I should just keep this little girl plate out and use her for display this summer...is that allowed?  Sure!!
And here's the larger version of these little candles...
Each bright color is a different fragrance!  I got them HERE.  She also makes soaps and lotions...I will sell some of those in different fragrances too!

And the new clothes are starting to arrive in the mail...
Here's a bright green fleece vest that's new this year...

And a hot pink jacket with soft plaid lining.

The UPS man delivers frequently this time of the year...a gentle reminder that summer is coming...regardless of what it looks like outside!
Happy Spring!


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