Thursday, August 22, 2013

Chocolate Chip Cookies for Fishing in Minnesota!

      The title might throw you for a loop!  Yes, chocolate chip cookies are a necessary part of a Minnesota vacation!  When we bought our resort in 1987, we had no clue how to run a resort.  We joined our statewide resort association, the CMR, or the Congress of Minnesota Resorts.  This organization's motto is "Resorters Helping Resorters".  We learned from our first conference that resort owners were a rare breed.  These people were willing to share their ideas with each other...and make us all better business people...and successful resort owners! say....what does this have to do with chocolate chip cookies?  Well, at one of the CMR conferences we attended, some of the 'seasoned' owners were sharing some of the things they did at their resort for their guests.  Someone...and 25 years later I cannot remember who...said they baked cookies every week and put them in the cabins.  Being very green in this business, I thought....I can bake...I think I'll put cookies in my cabins next summer to greet my guests!  And the tradition was started...except I didn't realize it would be a tradition! 
Here's the cookies setting on the cabin table waiting for the guests!

       Now the reason for this blog post is not's a simple trick I learned this week that made baking my cookies so much easier!  It's called....Parchment Paper!  I cannot believe that I have never used it, but wow...did it make baking easier, faster and the cookies baked to a golden brown on the top and bottom! 
Chocolate chip cookies on the paper, ready to bake!

      I baked the cookies for the same 11 minutes at 375 degrees...the difference was that they all baked evenly and....bonus....I didn't have to wash the cookie sheets!  That was a huge time saver for a resort owner!  
Cookies right out of the oven....perfect!

      Now, this might seem like a useless story, but maybe you've never tried parchment paper?  If not, give it a try...and maybe it won't take you 25 years to discover how awesome it is to bake with!
Plates of cookies....ready for the guests!

      Are you hungry yet?  Come on's cookie baking day!

Side note for resort not start baking cookies and putting them in your cabins unless you intend to do it each and every week...each and every year!  The guests will thank you for it!  A tradition started at a resort can never be discontinued....but chocolate chip cookies are very welcomed!

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  1. Holy Moley! That's a lot of cookies!!!! I can't imagine baking all those cookies! THey look good & I WILL try that tip! Thanks Pat! :)