Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Thank you!

     I began to write this post about Labor Day...the guests, fish, kids, friends...but then I realized what today is.  This date is 9/11...a date that is remembered by everyone...we all remember where we were and what we were doing when the tragedy hit.  Those of us who are old enough, remember this date as well as we remember the day President Kennedy was assassinated. 

     I also remember 9/11 because I talked to my Dad about the tragedy...and that was one of the last few conversations we had before he died too young in November of that year.  My Dad was too young to have served in WWII or the Korean War.  Some of his brothers served. 

     I think we all are thankful to the men and women who have served our country in their lifetime.  Steve was drafted in the last draft of the Vietnam War.  The draft was never reinstated after that...he did not have to go overseas...he served his country quietly in Louisiana, Oklahoma and Utah.  I thought my world ended when he was drafted when we had only been married for 5 months....but as I have lived through the last 40 years, I realize that his serving was just the right thing to do.  I was scared, he was scared, but together we lived through his 2 years of Army life...and now we look back on that time as some of our fun years together!  We were broke, making such a small salary with the Army, but we were together most of that time and that was the important part.

     I am moved to write about this because I recently heard about the "Honor Flight" program being offered by our country to honor the veterans who served during WWII and the Korean War.  These veterans are contacted and reservations made to fly them to Washington D.C. for just one day, but it is a day where they are hailed and thanked and many years later...for their service to our country. 

     We were honored to have an "Honor Flight" veteran as a guest at our resort this year.  Dean has been coming to our resort since the early 80s....and he LOVES to fish for crappies!  He always catches those fish...for himself and anyone else who might need some fish to eat or take home.  We had a fish fry while he was here this year and he wore his t-shirt so I could take his picture!
Dean and Emma Clayton
Latham IL

     Dean has been teasing me for all of our 26 years here....always inquiring about what days the ice cream is free....wondering when his cabin will be free....those of you who know him can almost hear him saying that!  Anyway, he proudly wore his shirt for the dinner and told us the story of his trip, how the school kids stood as he and the other veterans came off the plane, clapping and shaking his hand while a band played and the crowd showed their respect for this group of veterans!  I was immediately proud of our country for going to this length to honor these men and women.  What an awesome gift to these aging veterans who don't often get the chance to tell their stories....and how important their stories are!  So thanks, Dean, for your service!

     And thank you to any of our guests who served...if you were a part of the Honor Flight program, please send me your picture so I can brag about you too!

     I can't write a blog story without more photos, so here's just a couple of the wonderful, blessed  sunsets we witness this time of the year....

     If you know someone who served our country, no matter when, be sure and thank them!  They will really appreciate it!
Happy Fall!


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