Thursday, January 16, 2014

2014...and a little 2013 too!

     My last post promised Christmas photos...and I was lax on that!  Life just gets busy sometimes and it's not even summer!  I love when my guests come each summer and ask "So...what did you do all winter?"  And I feel like I have to present a schedule of our activities...when we really don't have a schedule!  I think that summer is just the best time of the's busy, but all our guests/friends come and life is just good!  But...we really need our winters to regenerate ourselves...relax...get active in our cabins...plan projects...follow through on said most important, spend time with our family!  We're not able to travel at all in the summer months and we make up for it all winter long!  Here's the draw to get us to travel...
Yep...all 11 of them!  We are so blessed with these little ones...and their parents!  It takes a lot of wrapping paper to celebrate Christmas with these guys!! We had a blast!  And I think they did too!  The cousins have a great time together...and those 3 in the back row are just princesses!  That other little girlie sitting in front of them doesn't know that she's not their age...she runs to keep up!  Then there's the baby...Calli...she is loved by all of them and is growing and learning and crawling...way too fast!

     What have we been up to lately?  One of my passions at home is sewing...and I have had a great time hibernating in my sewing room...making blankies for some of these little ones...and creating and sorting and organizing and teaching some of these grandkids to sew!  They have all had a chance and it's something special we can do together when they come to visit.  I've had fun making my own original "mug rugs"...little placemats for little people...or just a spot for your coffee &'s one I made...
      I've also been crafting with a resort owner friend!  We will hold a class later this month for other ladies in our resort association and teach them how to make these...
We had so much fun...once we figured out what we were doing!  
We're really excited to show all our friends how to make these for their cabins!

There are reasons we love living here...
The winter scenes are beautiful!
The sunsets are magnificent...hard to capture on a camera!
Snowshoe expeditions through the woods and skiing out on the lake!

I don't like this...
the temperature outside...this evening!

I really think this picture is cool...I have already showed it to you, but I am showing you it again...upside down!  I can't get enough of it!  You might find it framed in your cabin this summer!

Of course, we all can't wait to do this again....
It's dreaming of this that gets us through the looong winters!!

Happy 2014!  
I will try to write more often in this new year!  Try!



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  1. Ahhhhhh I love seeing that big pile of Grandkids!!! Making me just sit here smiling at my them :) I love thinking how full of life they are and how much fun they are having running around the resort in the summer! I needed that last picture though...I need to be reminded that summer WILL come eventually :) Especially with a nother school closed for cold day probably coming Monday! Stay warm Pat!!!