Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Good Dog, Wrigley...

     My goal with this blog was to write something every week...well,  February has been a busy month!  Lots of material for a blog, if I had time to post it!  Today, Steve let the dog in...when he went to the door, there on the doormat, outside, was the skinned carcass of what??  He thought it might be a raccoon...I thought it was some sort of prehistoric bird with, mind was skinned...I did take photos, but am hestitant to post them on this family-friendly's gruesome.  Anyway, we know our neighbor does some trapping, so Steve called him and asked him about it...and it is an.....otter!  I thought about trying to preserve it and have it on display when the guests arrive this summer and let everyone guess what it is....but don't think it would look quite the same by then....and we still couldn't identify it today!
     The dog has a problem with bringing her treasures to the back door so we can see what she has found.  She expects us to look out and say, "Oh, Wrigley, what a good dog!"...Instead, we look at her and say, "Where the heck did you get that!"   So you'd think she'd be used to it by now...but she keeps bringing bigger and bloodier things to we'll be proud of her!
                                                                                                 Good dog, Wrigley!

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  1. OH poor sweet otter. I just did a circle time lesson on the River Otter last week. One of our beloved mammals. Don't tell Ben and Lu. They sleep with a plush otter every night...