Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pineapple Salsa

     Hey, 2 posts in one day!  I'm trying to catch up...I did "experimental cooking" this evening.  I have coveted a certain pineapple salsa that a friend/guest brought to me last summer.  Thanks Terry!  Anyway, I wanted to recreate that salsa in my kitchen.  I tried, I tasted, I added, I stirred, I tasted does pass the taste test but not the color test.  The recipe I used had tomatoes in it along with the pineapple and peppers and various spices.  If I could leave out the tomatoes...or put them in sparingly, I might have the original recipe.  The jars Terry brought me had yellow "pineappley-looking" salsa.  And it was good...really good.  I think I have come close to the taste, but now I need to work on the color.  I could have taken a picture of the finished jars, but you can just back up to my last salsa post...they looked alot like that only a little more orange-looking.
     I'll get more crushed pineapple and try it the meantime, kids, you have to eat up what I made first!
     And for the next post, we're keeping Miss Jillian and her brother, Nathan, tomorrow night....should be an opportunity for some photos and good stories.  The girlie in that family turned 1 yr. old yesterday...we haven't seen her yet...I'm sure she looks her age!  Papa will probably stand her up to the couch and try to get her to walk...she thinks he's funny when he does that.  Can you tell already that we think we'll have fun?  We're crazy grandparents....we always look forward to time with grandkids!  It's a gift, you know!
     More stories to come when I get time to write! 

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