Thursday, July 8, 2010

Goodbye Dear Brother...

One of my favorite "brother"s left us this week to greet his Maker in heaven.  My brother-in-law, Dave, fought a tough battle this year and I feel like he won.  He is where we all should strive to and baking pies and hiking those heavenly mountains...all his favorite things to do.  The problem is, his wife, Nancy can't do them with him anymore.  She is sad, but she knows for certain where he is and the sadness is brief because she knows that she will be with him again someday.
Dave was just one of those guys that you liked to be around.  He loved life!  He loved his boys!  He loved my kids and my grandkids!  He was a wonderful husband who enjoyed spending time with his wife...wherever they were.
We enjoyed many fun years with Dave....he and Nancy came up for many years, enjoying the solitude of their own cabin, but frequenting the lodge for one of his favorite!  The last time they were here, I had the privilege of watching him work in my kitchen making one of his famous pies with..of course...his homemade pie crust.  We stood in awe and watched Dave toss the ingredients together and make his perfect crust, fill it with his filling of choice, usually peaches and bake it to a picture perfect finish.  He had a gift for pies and he knew it!
He also had the gift of gab!  We loved going back to Illinois to visit our families and stay at the "Swigart Hotel".  We would call to see if our room was available and it always was.  They treated us like royalty and we had a great visit every time we were there.  We'd always stay up too late, talking and sharing stories.  We will forever miss those times...but we will continue to share that time with Nancy in their home...and I know she'll welcome us back.
As I write this, Steve is in Illinois for Dave's memorial service.  Dave's wife, Nancy, is Steve's sister.  I stayed behind to keep the resort running.  We always have told our parents that they just cannot die in the's too hard to leave; but Dave, he didn't listen!  So...I am saying my goodbye in this shared story.  And I have to share one of my favorite photos of Dave & Nancy at the resort...if you know the resort owners, you get to finish the rest of a tub of ice cream when no one is looking!  And they got their last hurrah with this one...
There's a story that's been told of a young girl dying who tells the preacher that she wants a fork placed in her coffin....because her Grandma always told her that when you are enjoying a great meal, you always keep your fork...because the best is yet to come.  Well, from this picture, I think Dave took his spoon with him...we thought the best was this tub of ice cream at the time...but for those who walk with the Lord, keep your spoons...the best is yet to come.
Dave, share a story or 2 with my Dad...tell him all about my grandkids...and we'll see you again someday!
We promise to take very good care of your wife!


  1. What a beautiful tribute, Pat!
    Nancy we love you and are praying for you to find peace and comfort. Wish we could be there to celebrate Dave's life with you.

  2. Oh Pat, you made me cry. Sorry to hear of your loss, but sounds like you have many good memories.