Sunday, July 4, 2010

Last Week's Fun...

Last week's guests are famous for good weather.  Most of the same group returns year after year and they seem to bring warm summer weather with them.  A little rain did fall, but most of the week provided warm weather for fishing, swimming, hiking and....posing by the perennial bed in new sweatshirts....
These lovely ladies met in the lodge each morning at 9a.m. for coffee....and shopping!

This young man LOVED the Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae.  He, James(I think...he has a twin brother, John) came in after a warm day outside and proudly ordered his sundae and I just had to take his picture for his Mom...she was home packing for their move to Kentucky.  Or was this treat a secret??

These kids are showing their winnings in tickets from the new game in the lodge.  You play the game and score points and are rewarded with tickets, redeemable for prizes in the lodge.  So now you can pretend you're at the town carnival when you're on vacation!  And we get to count hundreds of tickets everyday!  Whoohoo!
Kylee, Kenna & Derek counting tickets!
How many do I have?
Madison & Austin playing the new game...and...
counting their winnings as fast as they can...thus the blur!

Come join us for a fun week...and win yourself some tickets....
or pick out a fancy new sweatshirt and get your picture taken!

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  1. I've never seen such a good looking bunch of ladies by the flower bed!!! What a great week we had! Thanks, Pat and Steve, for all you do.