Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Summer is gone...Fall is here!

      Summer 2010 has bit the dust...fall has arrived!  Looking back at the pictures taken this summer, we know that alot of kids and parents and grandparents and cousins, etc. etc., had a wonderful vacation week.  We highlighted some of those kids with pictures all summer long, but here's a few we missed and wanted to share with you...and give them a chance to be published on "the blog"!

Dean Clayton caught his fair share over Labor Day week...

Grandpa John caught a nice walleye...and posed with Bruce.

Nathan was here for one of the last bonfires of the summer...
(he really likes s'mores)

Suzie & Wally were the last guests in the "old" cabin #7...
they'll be back next year to stay in the "new" 2 story cabin #7!

Our carpenters, Kurt & Scott, ready to tackle the construction job!

Tearing up the floor in cabin #7...the floor joists were antiques!

Our flowers always look the best when the season is almost over!

This time of year is one of my favorites! I wish there were more guests here to share it with! The trees are peaking with color, the bugs are gone, the nights are cool and the days are warm...doesn't it sound almost perfect? It is! Unless you've been here in the fall, you just don't understand what peace & quiet actually sounds's awesome!

And even the Lodgemaster gets to go fishing in the fall!
And his wife gets to take his picture on a peaceful evening on the lake!

Come experience the'll love it!


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