Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2011 Winter Update

Okay...we've seen way too much of this neighbor!  He's Mike...he plows our driveway whenever it needs it...which is several times so far this winter!  And February & March can be the snowiest months of the year in Minnesota!  Ugh!  Mike really does a nice job for us...we just wish we didn't need him anymore.

Winter is long here...and sometimes we look for something exciting to do...this week Steve wanted to take the flag down...he noticed it wasn't flying right, so I thought it would be an adventure to hike through the snow to the flagpole with him!  The dog got so excited when we both stepped outside with our boots on!
There's Steve hiking through the almost thigh-high snow with the dog close behind...and me taking pictures along the journey...

The hook we had to take it down for awhile...the dog is nearly swallowed by the snow!

I can't remember this much snow on the picnic tables...

The Weber grills look like coneheads in the snow...

Our January has been busy babysitting this little urchin and her brother every Tuesday & Thursday.  Jen took a long-term sub job for 7 weeks and we got the bonus job!  Jillian and Nathan entertain us...and we sleep well after they go home!

Well, sometimes Papa sneaks a nap while they're here...he's growing some "Papa Fur" as Nathan calls it!

And the cabin construction continues.  The cold sub-zero weather last week halted all work for several days.  The wind and -25 to -40 temps just didn't work to try and heat the cabin with portable heaters.
But this week is warmer and the electrician came to hang lighting and Steve & Kurt started hanging cupboards...
Beautiful hickory cupboards!

Lighting in kitchen and dining area...

Ceiling fan and lights in living room & dining area.  That wall is crying for a quilt to hang on it!

Steve's trying to finish the drywall, but it's a little cool for the mud to dry so we can paint...we'll have to wait for a little warmer weather...or get the furnace installed!

Winter is more than half over, isn't it???

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