Thursday, January 13, 2011

Despite Snow...Cabin #7 Getting Done!

      I finally put my boots and winter clothes on and hiked down to the "new" cabin #7.  Wow...I had not walked down there for a couple of weeks...these pictures will show the progress...

Kitchen area...sink will be under window...stove on center of big wall.

Kitchen stove wall to the left...huge wall with log room on right.

Lakeside queen bedroom...east side has queen bedroom too...both downstairs.

Stairway before railing added...TV/fireplace will be in right corner of living room.
You can see the bedrooms down the hall...

Standing on first stairway landing looking upstairs...Steve is standing at entry to large bedroom upstairs.

Lakeside window and eastside window of large bedroom upstairs.  Thinking maybe queen bed, full bed, twin bed and futon with TV area upstairs...


east side...elfun trail out the window...

Full bath on main level...upstairs will have full tub/shower unit.

Standing on steps, looking at front door of cabin...huge windows for lots of light.

This picture makes the cabin look's the same size as the old one, but with the cathedral ceiling, it makes the cabin look so much bigger and more spacious!

      We can't wait for all of you to see it!  And now, Mel, you get to stay in it!!!  We're so excited for it to be finished.  The pine inside was pre-finished, so Steve doesn't have to do varnishing all winter!  We're getting really smart in our old age!  Sometimes I wish we were 10 years younger so we could do this life that much is way too much fun...and all you special people who stay here every year make our job the best! 

We'll see you all soon!  Check back for more pictures as these guys get the job done!  If it ever quits snowing, we might get to start on cabin #6 too!  It's going to get a second story of we get enough work time this spring!!  Stay tuned...and have a great weekend...

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