Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jen!

 37 years ago we were blessed with this bundle of joy!
Her Daddy was in the Army...Jen was born at the Ft. Sill, OK army hospital...and she was free!
My cost was $10.50 for 3 days of meals while we were in the hospital.

We spent the next 9 months in Oklahoma...

Jen & her friend, Sira born a day apart....6 months old...our apartment complex pool area..
.both daddies were in the Army.

We had a one bedroom apartment...$125/month with pool! 
 Jen slept in our bedroom...we were cozy!

Jen...10 months...Steve's Army time was done and we moved
back to Illinois, close to grandparents & family.

Jen at 1 yr. old with Grandma's dolls

When Jen was 2 yrs. 2 weeks old, her brother, Max, was born!
We lived in Eureka IL and Daddy had a new grocery store...

Jen at 4 yrs. old...

When Jen was 5, brother Sam was born...we lived on Maple Drive in
Eureka IL, and vacationed in Wisconsin & Minnesota.

Yes...when Jen was 10, she was blessed with another brother, John!
She had ordered a sister, but instead we got this 10 lb. bundle...
and she quickly fell in love with him...and he with her!

3 years later, this family left our roots in Illinois and moved to Minnesota...
and the rest is history...Jen grew up at the resort and met the love of her life and
now she has been given these special gifts....

And so have we!!

Happy Birthday, Jen!!  I dreamed of growing up and having my own little girl...
and you fulfilled that dream! 

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