Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday, Max!

On February 29, 1976, I gave birth to the first of our 3 sons...Maxwell Steven weighed 8lb.15oz.  He was born 2 weeks after his due date...something doctors don't seem to allow now.  When Max's older sister, Jen, turned 2, I was very pregnant and nearly due with her brother.  I remember Steve bringing Jen to the hospital when Max was baby girl looked so grown up!  And now she had a brother who would become her best friend and playmate for many years!
Max--3 months old

Max's favorite spot...his swing.

Max sported the "bowl" cut in the cute!

3 years old and very scared to get his picture taken!

Daddy was his "Idol" and if Daddy shaved, then Max wanted to shave...

When Max was 4, he made our local paper's front page!  With a leap day birthday, he was big news in our small town.  He didn't quite understand it, but held up his 4 fingers on one hand and 1 finger on the other hand...he was a celebrity!

When Max was 2 1/2, brother Sam was born.  Any photo we have of the 2 of them shows Max with his hands on Sam's head...I don't know why, but he liked holding him by the head!  Sam didn't object!

When Max was 8, our dog had experience all 3 kids enjoyed.  Boy, it was sure hard letting those puppies go to their new homes!

When Max was 11, we moved our family to Minnesota and bought our resort.  He truly thought we bought the resort so that he could fish everyday...and he really tried to do that!  He loved the resort and quickly learned to clean fish, drive the boats and deal with all kinds of people visiting the resort each year.

His love of the resort led me to think he might make a career of this life, but his love became the game of golf.  He chased that little white ball for many years and followed his dream of becoming a golf pro. 
Even though he is a busy guy in the summer when we are also busy at the resort, he finds the time to come visit a few times in the spring and summer and takes off in a boat to catch that elusive bass!

Max & Sara married 10 years ago and even though our memories of Max as a little boy seem like only yesterday, we are brought back to reality with the gift of these 3 blessings in their life...and in ours!

Greyson, 4, Will, 8, and Tate, 1

Happy 35th Birthday, Max!
Where did the years go??

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