Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Progress on Cabin #7 Continues...

So...our carpenter, Kurt, has been varnishing trim boards like crazy in his garage across the road from us.  When he gets several pieces done, he comes and puts them up.  He's been cutting and putting trim up for 2 days...and more to do!  Lots of trim work in this cabin.
Not an exciting photo, but the guests will appreciate this closet under the stairway.  And be sure and admire the amount of trimwork in this closet!

The east side of the upstairs bedroom, trimmed & painted.

West side of upstairs bedroom...looking out over those blasted cattails!
Now the guests will have a beautiful view of the lake!

Upstairs bathroom painted and ready for built-in shelving...Kurt's working on it!
Yes, the tub is upstairs and large walk-in shower is downstairs.

Hand-built banister and "infra-red" fireplace in living room.

Countertop arrived yesterday and Steve & Kurt put it in today...

Lots of great cupboard space...still need to buy a new stove.  Waiting for our
new Menard's store to open this spring!

One more view of the closet...bedroom on left, stairway on right. 
(for those who like detailed photos)

We're beginning to see an end to this winter project!  We know it will get done.  Now the question is...will we have time to start and finish remodeling cabin #6...the consensus is that cabin #6 may have to wait until the fall, but we'll know more in the next 2 weeks.  We need lots of melting snow...the roof is covered with snow right now and the piles by the cabin prevent us from taking the furniture out to begin work...time will tell, but it will get done, maybe later rather than sooner.  We'll just keep you guessing for a couple of weeks.

And if you don't have a reservation for the summer, we still have some  great cabins open for the 2011 season!  Call us at 1-800-233-8562 or check out the resort website here.  We'd love to help your family create some "forever" memories of time spent together!

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  1. It looks great and wish we were seeing it in person:(