Sunday, May 15, 2011

...and the 2011 Resort Season Begins!

       May 14, 2011, Minnesota fishing opener!  It's here!  Last October, when we closed the resort down for the long winter, this day seemed eons away...and creeps up faster than we planned! 

       One cabin left to clean....the new cabin needs to be dusted and pictures hung before it's rented this week!  We can't wait to show off this newest cabin at the resort.

       Fishing was great yesterday.  The fishermen from the resort caught walleyes and a few walleye was just over 24 inches, a nice catch for the first day of the walleye season.  Biggest fish this guest had ever caught!

       We have seen some definite signs that spring is here and summer is just around the corner...

The wild flowers in the woods are just blooming!

Our neighboring buffalo were out with their calves this week...

Sometimes it's like visiting a wildlife park!

              We are happy to report that our gas prices are still under $4/gallon and the projection is for those prices to drop before summer!  But....if you're wondering whether to haul your own boat up this summer or rent one of's a new one we added to the fleet this year...
A 16' Crestliner, 50hp, console steering, live well, trolling motor, depth finder, radio.  This boat will rent for $400/week and it's already rented by a couple of guests.  Call or email us if you'd like this boat while you're here.

       We have the freezers stocked with some new foods for the lodge menu and we tried out the new pizza crusts this know, we have to make sure this stuff is good enough to serve to you...
Didn't think we could improve on an already good thing, but you be the judge!

       We also have a couple of new items that will be out around the resort grounds this summer.  This little guy will be with his friends in the woods....
I found him at the Twins gift shop when we went to a game in April...what a fun place to go!  I think he needs a name, what do you think?

       And we have 2 of these paddleboards that will provide lots of entertainment...for the rider and the people watching...
You stand on it and use a long paddle to move yourself around the can watch a video HERE to see how to use the boards.  I think they'll be a hit with young & old.

      So, that's a peek at resort life so far...and more to come.  I hope to post the finished cabin #7 photos this week.  It is beautiful.  We're working on the landscaping and seeding the yard around the cabin...the temperature is finally climbing to a comfortable number to work outside.  Steve's on the tractor mowing for the first time...and I will do some planting around the grounds in hopes of getting it all done by Memorial weekend.  See you all soon!  Hope your week is a beautiful one too!

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