Saturday, May 21, 2011

The old comes down....and the new is finished!

       What a difference a week makes!  Today we have guests in 3 cabins, with 3 more cabins booked on Monday, and several more during the week to fill the place up by Memorial weekend!  Whether we're ready or not, the season begins and we're welcoming guests for the next few months. 

       We lost a part of the resort this week....the old barn probably built back in the 40s or 50s has been falling down for the last several years.  It served it's purpose for years, the last several as storage for old furniture, fixtures, and leftover lumber from the many building projects over the years.  We salvaged the lumber we could get out last week and hired Kyle to tear down the rest and haul it away.  Here's the process:
The demolition in sad that grandsons weren't here to watch!

The front of the building is almost down....

Almost completely destroyed and most of it hauled away.

       I think I took about 40 photos of the process, plus a video, just so the grandsons can watch the heavy equipment at work!  The empty spot looks so different after seeing that barn there for all of our 24 years!

       The new.....our brand new cabin #7 is finished and ready for it's first guests this week.  The pictures make it a little tough to envision the whole package, but here's a taste of what you'll see this summer...
Cabin #7 2011

Kitchen is stocked and ready for fish-frying!

Another kitchen view.

The living room...the lodgemaster is posed...watching the Cubs.

Different angle of living room.

New infra-red fireplace in living room.

One queen bedroom...

The second queen bedroom.

Spacious storage under the stairs...

Downstairs bathroom.

View from the stairs looking down...

Storage area upstairs.

Upstairs tub/shower unit.

Large bedroom/TV area upstairs.

2 Full beds & 1 Twin bed upstairs.

Futon/TV area upstairs.

       Now we wait....and share this new cabin with all the guests this summer!  And the work load shifts to the swimming pool!  It's filled, filters are working to clean the water and the heat will be turned on this week in anticipation of warm weather for Memorial weekend.  And we know of one little person who's excited....
Jilly had to model her new swimsuit for us!  She can't wait to swim!

Aren't you excited too??

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  1. Number 7 sure turned out nice, and wish we were going to see it in person:( So hard to look at pictures from the resort, as CR Lodge is so important to us and sad to miss out this summer!