Monday, September 12, 2011

Lightning Strike on Labor Day!!

         At 4a.m. on Labor Day....this tree got hit...
You can barely see the stripe that traveled down the tree from the top...

Here's a close-up view...there was bark thrown all over the yard...Mem in cabin #8B said it looked like a fireball had hit the tree!

The poor tree sits on the creek's edge in the yard...away from any buildings...and the bark is stripped off the tree in a spiral from the top peak of the tree around and around to the base of the tree.  We'll see if it can survive such an event...stay tuned next spring for a report of new buds...or not!

This week, Calvin got to fish with 2 of his favorite people...

Great Grandpa Addler, Calvin and Gene Kruger(practically a Grandpa to him)

He got some big crappies...but he loves to fish so much he wouldn't care if he caught anything!

And then this guy tried to get in the lodge...

He was on the window in the game's been a banner year for tree frogs at the resort!  We find them in cabins, on windows and hanging out at the pool...guess there was a huge increase in the birth rate this year!

Happy Fall everyone!!  We've enjoyed 80+ temps so far, but this week we will start to feel like fall...and the trees have barely started turning...a little late for us northern Minnesotans!  Our fall sunsets are the best!!  Come see for yourself!

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