Thursday, September 1, 2011

August Vacations...continued...

         We ended the month of August with some great weather and lots of fun families to share it with!  30 kids in one week was a true test of our "end of summer" patience...and we survived!  Great kids and guests we hadn't seen for years...and hope to see again next year!  This is a collage of all the activities enjoyed in August....
Cooper sharing his marshmallow roasting skills with his Mommy!

Sammy & Jake making their s'mores!

Calvin posing with the "famous" Tony...a true celebrity in Calvin's eyes!

Exciting kickball game with the kids vs. the big kids...very serious action!

The ever-popular golf cart rides around the resort.

Ben caught this giant bass on his little "Cars" fishing pole!  It was under the dock!!  Wow!

Left-handed Lucien using Papa's right handed golf clubs!

Nathan's first time tubing...he loved it!

Haiders, Lesemans & Weyandts kayaking and paddleboarding on the lake...

Jilly posing for Nana's camera!!

Monica took Daddy's "1980's" Care Bear home!  I guess that's why I saved it all those years.

We had a wonderful summer with our family and with our guests!  There's more pictures...just search for our resort, Cedar Rapids Lodge, on facebook.  Thank you to our guests for sharing their vacation photos with us!

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