Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August Vacations...

         This month of vacations started out busy...and continues to be even busier each week!  The old resort owners are getting tired...I hope it doesn't show!   Our August guests have waited all year for their vacation and we want to make it the best week ever!  Here are some exciting things happening at Cedar Rapids Lodge this month!
We have our very own weather station!  We bought it from Andy...he delivered it when he came on vacation...and he helped Steve get it up and running!  Now we know all the weather stats for Medicine Lake!  Just ask!!

Curtis continued his tradition this year of having a hot fudge brownie sundae on his last night of vacation!  And then...we made 4 more sundaes for his brother and cousins...they just liked the looks of his!

Curtis' Dad, Brian, couldn't be here with his family this year...he's the Captain of the sub USS Ohio and they were out to sea.  So, Brian sent us a picture of his sub and a photo for his she wouldn't forget him on vacation!  We can't wait to see you next year, Brian!

We had a fun visit from Laurette' and her kids!  Her Mom was a bestest friend of mine when we lived in Illinois...and her & Jen grew up together, until we moved to Minnesota in 1987.  Her husband was in the cities for business, so she drove up to the north woods to see all of us. 

Steve and I had so much fun playing Papa & Nana to Ben, Katie, Sam & Hope!  We hope they come back again and bring Daddy with them!

So...Ellen...has been a fun guest here for all of our years at CRLodge!  Years ago, we had an old pair of stilts that she found and walked all over the resort on...they disappeared after many years, probably to the bonfire this year Steve made her a new pair and off she went like a pro!  It is just so funny to see this short person walking all over taller than all of us...I think she likes the world up there!  Anyway, thanks for the entertainment, Ellen!  We'll take good care of the stilts until next year!

So...of course, grandson Nathan and his sister, Jill, had to try them too!

And speaking of fun outside activities...this boy(Calvin) FINALLY learned to ride a bike!  Now he rides every chance he gets!

I realize that we don't have any fish pictures for August...lots of fish caught, but the big vacation ticket in August is the beautiful weather, water activities, boating, skiing, tubing, swimming and just enjoying Minnesota in the summer!  We still have fishermen....I just don't have pictures to document the big northern or the nice walleye...or the basket of panfish...I'll try and do a better job of taking those pictures!

I guess I am proud that I was able to do this...
I actually finished a quilt for Miss Josie....Jen delivered it to her today!  Quilting is my winter passion and it won't be long and I'll be sitting in my sewing room, watching the snowstorms and creating again!!

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