Monday, August 1, 2011

July Vacations Come to an End....

         It's August 1st.....where did July go?  Resort living is a busy one...the summer months seem to fly by!  We just finished 2 weeks with visits from all the grandkids and their parents.  A busy time, but so much fun!  Our grandkids range in age from 18 months up to almost 9 yrs. old.  They have discovered that it's really hard on this Nana & Papa if they all show up at once, so they take turns.  We appreciate that...and it gives us more time to play with each family.
         Here's a variety of photos and stories to finish the month of July.  August looks to be a busy month too!
Part of the excitement in July started with our dumpster(of all things)....
If you look very close on the left side...bear paw prints!  Two different sizes!  We haven't seen the critters, but they have made a mess of the dumpster contents a time or 2 this month...any ideas on how to deter them??

Luke arrived 2 weeks ago with a new gnome for the elfun trail...he was very excited to present us with the gift.  So...we loaded "Luke" the Marquette gnome onto the golf cart and hid him in the woods with all the others...

He looks very "at home" in the woods, don't you think?  I wonder if the kids will find him?

We had excitement one day when a rain and wind storm landed the pool furniture into the bottom of the pool.  The kids all thought it was a great adventure to watch all the action getting the furniture out!

Eva had a lake in front of her cabin and delighted in getting muddy and floating at her cabin!

Henry made his first visit to CRLodge...and wins for possibly the cutest baby all summer!  He'll be running all over next July!

July is not just for playing....John caught this 11 3/4" bluegill last week that weighed 1lb.4oz.  We took pictures and he released this beauty back into the lake to let it grow!  Probably the nicest bluegill caught all summer.

Eva was kind enough to model the new hat/t-shirt combos for kids...she's stylin!

Greyson let me take his picture after a day in the pool...he says he wears his goggles so he can breathe under water!  Amazing goggles!

The minnow races were a hit with young and old...

The kids get their minnows, talk to them, train them....and hope they win!

If you tap the sides of the lanes, the minnows go so much faster...or so they think!

We run several heats...and in the end, everyone is a winner....of a free candy bar in the lodge!

Patty in cabin #2 promised Nathan he could ride her did...and...

He was so excited!!  His sister, Jill, was excited too.

So Mike gave her a ride of her own!

This is what happens when you're 3 1/2 and you're having so much fun you just can't take a nap...

and then your sister plays with her puppies on you while you're sleeping!

Every year when my family comes, they have a fish fry...dubbed Margie's Fish Fry because my aunt fries all the fish for the dinner.  She's been doing this for years, so this year her family had t-shirts made for the occasion!

Meet my Aunt Margie & Uncle Keith...he is my Dad's twin brother!  They are very special people in my life.

Their daughter, kindred spirit!  We both love the resort, our families, quilting....and especially our grandchildren!

My brothers, Dave & John....I am the oldest.  I know, you can't believe it, but I am...and I have 6 brothers and one sister!

In closing...this is our middle son, Sam, and his wife, Roz.  They are parents to 3 of our grandchildren.....and.....they are giving us grandchild #10 in December!  What a fun life we have!

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