Friday, July 15, 2011

July Heat Wave!

         The resort is in full swing with vacationers everywhere!  The kids swimming outnumber the fishermen this time of the year.  The weather has been perfect for anyone on vacation, but it's a little warm for us "up north" people!  Here's what everyone has been up to....
Brady Ristau caught this 32" northern and safely released it to catch again next year!  He was one excited fisherman!

Carson is one of our favorite guests of the whole summer...and he is grandson, Nathan's bestest friend!  He shows us his new tricks every year and loved running with his walker on the cobblestone path outside!

Papa and I each got a chance to get into Bemidji this week and watch this future "Joe Mauer" play ball!

We had a good laugh when our laundry girl, Shannon, pulled in with her new vehicle!  She's like a little kid with a new toy!  And she can get alot of bags of sheets in that thing...

Olivia lost her first tooth at CRLodge...and our tooth fairy pays really well!  She was so excited!

And for the happy ending this week, here's Evelyn & Mel getting ready to head home.  Their son, Greg, is who we asked for prayers for a few weeks ago....he is back home and back to work...a walking miracle thanks to everyone's prayers.  These parents deserved a break and fished all week by themselves.  Randy & Greg, they caught those fish without your help!!  Amazing!  We love happy endings!

Thanks to all our guests who have vacationed with us the first half of our season.  We've had a wonderful year with some of the best fishing ever...and we look forward to the rest of the summer...and fall.  We still have some wonderful weeks/weekends available in September.  Come see us if you need a relaxing vacation!

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