Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer is in full swing!

         Where are the weeks going!  We are into the middle of our summer season and the weather has been spectacular.  We seem to get rain when we need it...everything has stayed so green this summer.  The flowers are growing after the cool spring.  The pool is crowded most days.  The temps are 75-80 and sunny most days, with little or no humidity.  Our idea of a perfect forecast. 

         I promised these guests that their photos would get on the blog... so here's a collection of fish pictures and everything else that has happened in the last 3 weeks!  More to come....
Thad Erickson had a great week catching and releasing some beautiful walleyes!

Not to be outdone, his brother caught some beautiful walleyes as's Thad & Chad!

Colton got to fish with grandpa and they caught this giant had to help him hold it!  If he's anything like his grandpa, he's got some intense fishing years ahead of him!

It's not the size of the's the experience!  Justine was just as proud of her catch off the dock!

And her brother, Brad, showed off his catch of northerns.
He's a die-hard fisherman!!

Every year during the 4th of July week, Sue catches her walleyes!  Her son, Ryan, might lay claim to one of these??

Abby catches a giant walleye every year she's here!!  I think she's going to be a guide when she grows up!

This sign appeared on the pirate ship last week...Jillian seemed oblivious to the message!

And here's the culprit cousins responsible for that great sign!  They were cleaning the pirate ship and seemed to think they could keep girls chance!

This little girl seems to love Papa's ice cream cones!

This was Peyton's first trip to CRLodge and he was one happy camper!  Next year he'll be running around and hard to catch!

The new paddleboards continue to be the best entertainment week after week!

Grandson Nathan ventured out one day with the big kayak...and had to be rescued by his brother & cousin...they took the rescue seriously...and Nathan loved being pulled to shore!

Siblings Sam & Max modeling the new hat/t-shirt can you resist??

Grandsons Will & Greyson brought their lemonade stand on vacation and served lemonade and cookies to the guests at the beach...FREE!

Nathan thought it was the best idea all summer!  He was their best customer!

Tyler showed his Mom that he was an expert at roasting marshmallows!

We had some threatening clouds on the 4th of July evening...the rain only lasted a short time...the fireworks in Bemidji went on as planned after the showers.

The sky lightened up towards the end of the shower...and we had a double rainbow...hard to get a photo of the awesomeness of the sky!

And my week ended up on a high note...I had been without a washer & dryer for 2-3 weeks...

and my dream of a front-loading set is now fulfilled!  The redecorating will have to wait until fall...
that's least I can be the laundry queen once again!

Do you need a vacation??  We still have a cabin open July 16-23rd for 2-6 people!  Give us a call or go HERE
to see pictures of cabin #4...a beautiful 3 bedroom cabin right on the water's edge.  We'd love to give you a wonderful vacation experience with your family!

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