Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Last Week at the Resort...

         Life is about as busy as it can be at Cedar Rapids Lodge!  We have seen one of the best fishing years in a long time.  We have these posters in the lodge...

         All the fish in Medicine Lake that are caught and released are recorded on these posters each year.  The guests each week check the board to see what was caught last week...well, last week this year we filled the walleye column in just a few days.  I had to add another page to the poster for the rest of the summer.  This has NEVER happened!  That's how good the fishing has been!

         Here's a couple of photos of last week's catches....
David with his nice walleye...caught & released & on the poster...

Billy with his walleye...

Conrad caught this whopper northern on the paddleboard!

         Even the resort dog scored last week...this cabin brought treats for her and she figured that out right away!
How can you resist a face like this??

Might as well take a snooze in between treats!

         And this week...last night....we had one of the rainiest nights this season!  The guests had left during the day, going to the movie, bowling, shopping, eating, whatever they could find to do on a rainy day...we had an event on the activity schedule for last night that was wonderful on a rainy evening....FAMILY BINGO!
Almost 50 people showed up for the first ever Family Bingo and it was a hit!  Cards were 25 cents each game and the winner each time split the pot with the lodge...and the last game was blackout, so that winner(s) got the winnings from each games "split the pot"...2 lucky people shared $28.50 in cash!  No, I don't have a gambling license...if you give all the money away, do you need one??

And to end the post, I just have to share my purple perennial bed with you...the picture doesn't do it justice, but it's beautiful! 

We look forward to seeing all of you coming in the next few weeks...and we'll try and hold the rain for you!

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