Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June Photo Album...

         All of a sudden we are thrust into a very busy job...running this beautiful resort full of  guests who are having a great time catching fish, swimming, relaxing and spending precious time with their family.  After a late spring arrival, summer seems to have arrived!  The fishing has exploded, so much that I'm wrapping fish for the guests and I forget to take pictures of their catch before they make it to the fish house.  Here's a collection of June photos of life at Cedar Rapids Lodge.
The ladyslippers are in full bloom on the trail.

Miss Tilly Turtle arrived to find a place to lay her eggs.

Mama deer with her fawn born just a couple of days ago...on the Elfun Trail.

Saturday between guests was time to bring the equipment in to landscape around the new cabin.

These guys only had a 6 hour window to grade the yard, add black dirt and hydro seed the lawn.

They finished the job and pulled out at 3:15p.m., just as the guests for the new cabin were pulling in!  Now to watch grass grow!

Talk about watching grass grow, John & Jim were entertained one day watching a "lost" camper pull into our narrow driveway and then attempt to back up and drive out...he had to unhook the car he was towing and re-attach it after he got backed up and on the road again.  We all agreed that we wouldn't want to drive that rig and pay for the gas!

2 little girls came to visit one weekend and became reacquainted....

and then helped Nana deliver a pizza to a cabin...

And these hooligans with their light sabers just never get enough daylight to cover all the territory they want to!

Papa always has help from someone eager to do the same things his Papa does!

Lu is going to be a great pool cleaner someday!  He just loves netting all the bugs out of the water!

The flowers are all planted and the boats are in their spots on the dock.

Cal always loves fishing with Grandpa the Great...what memories!  And a nice crappie!

Nate & Jill couldn't wait to play on the beach...don't be fooled...this is not a "topless" beach!

If you're 2...you can swim like Tarzan! 

The new paddleboards have been used for various activities...

Conrad wanted to be the first one to catch a fish off the paddleboard....and he did!

And if you're Tarzan, you can get a ride from your big brother and giggle all the way!
(disclaimer...they were in about 4 inches of water so no life jackets)

Billy caught a net full of fish the first day of his vacation!

Crappies, walleyes, northern...and his trusty knife!

Leigha had to show us this blue & silver bluegill before she released it...it was really sparkly in the night lights!

She had a fun time with her Dad after potluck, catching a mix of a bucketful of crappies and bluegills!

And most importantly......

Sour Brite Crawlers are back this year!!!

Have a great summer everyone...and check back for more fun vacation photos!

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  1. I didn't even recognize Biwwee (Billy)! I'm going to have to show these photos to Ben...Billy's young follower.