Thursday, June 16, 2011

Prayer Request...

The guy in the middle, Greg, needs your prayers!

         Disregard the short guy on the left...the 3 big guys are the Ammon boys.  They were our first guests in 2010 and I posted this photo on the blog at that time.  They came back this year in May to fish...Grandson Nathan greeted them when they arrived.  Greg is in the hospital and is a very sick guy.  He had pneumonia and a severe infection in his lungs.  He is in a drug-induced coma while they try and get him better.  His wife, Jana, is by his side and his little girl, Jessica, is there too. 
         The Ammon family is very special to us...they're like family.  So I thought if I told you about them here that you could join us in praying for Greg and for his healing.  God answers prayers and we are giving Greg to Him so that He can heal he can come fishing again and be healthy again.
         Tell all your prayer partners to include Greg in their prayers.  We have trust in the Lord and we know He can heal Greg. 

         Thank you for all your prayers! 

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