Thursday, March 15, 2012

Catchin Up for February!

     So...I'm a little behind in my postings...bear with me and see what we've been up to.
I made my own laundry detergent...trial & error and only about a penny a load!

Baby Olivia came to visit with her family...she's grown by leaps and bounds since this picture was taken in February!  Such a cutie, but we are biased in that opinion!

Jill trying on Nana's wedding veil...she felt like a Princess.  Her Mommy had her hair rolled with that headband around her forehead...see next photo...
The result was wavy curls all over...very cute...

We celebrated this little guy's birthday...
and his sister's too!
They had a "pirates & pixies" birthday party together...their Mommy is very creative!

Nana with Will, 9, Greyson, 5, and Miss Tate, 2.  Papa and I are going to Disney with their family very soon!  We can't wait to experience all that fun through their little eyes!

We went to our state capitol in St. Paul with 40+ other resort owners in February to lobby for issues important to our's the lodgemaster taking a break with a crossword while we waited to chat with another legislator. 

And...wrapping up February with this peek at Olivia's quilt in progress.  My cousin beat me with her finished blankie, so I know O is staying warm while I finish this one!

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