Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March Musings...

This sits on the lake every winter...right in front of the beach area...and no, it's not ours!  It's the neighbor's plane, but it always sparks that question when someone comes to visit in the winter...Mike puts skis on the plane and parks it on the ice and flies on beautiful sunny days.  It's always fun to watch the plane take off and land on the lake. 

These are Nathan's dogs eating dinner with Wrigley...Nathan thinks he doesn't like Wrigley, but he sure wants his dogs around her!  So we got new dog dishes at Dollar Tree and the pups enjoyed a meal together.

Jillian turned 3 this month and her Mommy and I had a fun day making cakes and decorating them with her dolls...thanks Pinterest!

The Lodgemaster was finally able to get enough snow cover to burn the huge pile of lumber left from tearing down the barn last year!  Within days of this photo, the snow was gone...

I ordered some really fun soy candles for the lodge this year...and they smell as yummy as they look!

Here's a new "old" sweatshirt for the summer...this style was so popular I had to order it again...in pink and...

yellow...I needed a new one!!

Also got the same design on a red jacket...

and a pretty aqua color.  Waiting patiently for the other new clothes to arrive...stay tuned!

And to end this post...these kiddos were kind enough to pose on my new log bench...a door prize from a buying show...now I need my friend Jim to make a kid-size table to go with it...I can see this in the lodge with little ones sitting on it having their ice cream treats all summer long!

Happy spring!  The ice will be off the lake early this year...the earliest in our 25 years!  Bring on this warm weather!

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  1. Hey there! I just found myself thinking about you today and imagining you getting ready for the summer rush! I imagine that you guys are quite busy!!! But also what a great spring to be doing all that work! Wishing I was up there helping you!!! Said a speacil prayer for you & your guests for the season!

    On another note...AHHHHH!!!! Those are the sweetest cakes I have EVER seen! I can't believe you guys made all those! What a lucky little lady & some very lucky party guests! Hands down the best birthday cakes I have seen....EVER!