Thursday, September 27, 2012

Baby Walleye Deliveries....and praying for rain!

     2012 is an even year...and every even year we get a stock of walleyes in the lake!  This year, the delivery is being made over several weeks.  The walleyes are arriving as the guys are able to harvest them from other ponds and lakes and get them to us.  We hope to get 600 pounds of walleyes before fall is over...10 walleyes to the pound, so 6000 baby walleyes to grow and produce the awesome walleyes that our lake is becoming known for!  Here's the process:
The DNR Fisheries guys arrive to deliver the fish...

Our quota is determined...the blue hose is hooked up and...

see those cute fish arriving at their new home??

A close up of a pound of walleyes...

We had a short guest that day who got to watch the delivery...she was so impressed!

On another fall note...the skies & trees are breathtaking this time of year...

I can't stop taking pictures of the views!

The new flag post is awesome against the fall skies!

This is our neighbor's yard just a mile south...hope he realizes the beauty!

Now...a plea...for prayers for rain for our lake.  We are dry, but not as bad as several years ago.  We know the lake will come back, but the lack of rain provides an interesting view of the shoreline...

Needless to say, the paddleboats are "grounded" for the year!

Have a blessed fall...and consider a fall vacation in'll get to see the peace & quiet that fall is!


  1. What a beautiful place you have! Libby mentioned your sweet spot, and I have to say it looks like so a fun place to visit. The colors are stunning, and the water makes it perfection. :)

  2. Hi Pat!

    Wow that shore is so weird to see...I know you said it was down when we were there but it looks even more now! I smile just thinking of your beautiful beach!!! That last pic on my blog of Annie jumping off the dock is your dock :) I love that pic!

    Glad Cassie stopped by! She is soooo sweet! Another uplifting creative friend!

    I love seeing those fish go into the lake...they do NOT need to fear us...Kelly scouldn't catch a fish to save his life! Cool process to see though!

    Take care!

  3. Hi Pat. Stopping over from Libbie' nice to meet you and your lodge looks amazing.

  4. Libbie sent me over here. I'm so glad to meet you.
    I'm your newest Follower.
    Hope you'll stop bt my Blog and say "Hi"!