Thursday, September 6, 2012

Is It Fall Already??

       Is summer really over?  That hot, dry summer when we waited for rain that just never came...but it was also the summer of some of the best fishing we've ever had on Medicine Lake!  Week after week...big northerns, walleyes, bass...and the crappies & bluegills never quit biting.  The families are gone...the fishermen & fisherwomen are still here...and the fish are still biting!
       If you come to the northwoods will see this...
The trees are about a week away from full's beautiful.
And the sunsets...

Wow...awesome sunsets and even the northern lights have been performing for us.

I've been doing this again....

I froze over 65 quart bags of corn for all my little ones...and their families!

We've been busy with various happenings....

Still making our famous pizzas for our guests...and ourselves!

The Rupp family pose for a famous "Rupp" photo in the lodge...representing the 4th & 5th generation of their family vacationing at Cedar Rapids Lodge!

I was so excited to go to Calvin's piano recital and watch him perform!

Our guests are still catching fish!  Tom shows his nice northern...

Patsy and her 23" walleye...

Arlen & Jesse with their day's catch last week!

Mem & Patsy are all smiles in their favorite boat....catching & releasing fish every day for 3+ weeks!

The pool provided lots of fun this summer...even Betsy got in!  Now we're closing it for the winter...
if this guy's actions are any indication of the winter ahead...yikes!  He is scurrying all over
the resort, gathering acorns, pinecones and corn...stashing it for what is to come!

We watched 5 different kits flying at the resort on a windy day...

We enjoyed this peaceful spot right outside our kitchen door! 

I had a fun visit with Libbie, a fellow blogger from
Middlest Sister.  We had never met and had a wonderful
2 days of chatting and getting to know each other!

We will soon trek through the Elfun Trail and gather all these guys and put them
away for the winter...and get them back out in the spring...for all the kids
and Grandmas to find again as they walk through the woods!

       We've been at this job for 25, I can't believe it's been that long!  We still love the life and hope that we can continue this "best job in the world" for many more years!  If you need a vacation, check us out on our website and let us help you have the best family vacation ever!

Enjoy this beautiful fall...and take time to go fishing!  I know we will!

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  1. Ooooo that surprised me! How fun! I am still hoping to get a post up of our trip soon!

    The colors llok fab there...still pretty green here...hard to believe we were just there a couple of weeks ago! Feels already like we have been in school forever!

    Pizza looks good! Hope you get a little rest now this fall!

    P.S. Kelly never did manage to find the fish :) everyone around us did ...he neeeds much more practice :)