Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas with Family 2012

         We had a wonderful Christmas with our family...we celebrated together on December 29th with 20 healthy individuals, big and small!  We also had to celebrate a little girl's 1st birthday before our Christmas together...
Olivia Basil turned 1 on December 27th!!
Last year, our family Christmas was delayed until January because of this little girl's arrival...and her Mommy worried about making a birthday special amidst the whole Christmas season...well, Olivia knew something was up when this cake was parked on her high chair tray!
She celebrated in style...not even aware that Santa had come and gone...and cousins would arrive in 2 days to have a giant party together!
She even showed off her walking skills...something she's already a pro at only 2 weeks later!

Her siblings were as excited as she was to open her birthday gifts! forward 2 days to more fun for Olivia...and 6 cousins and her brothers & sister...
6 boys having dinner before gifts are's a table full!

3 girls at their own little table....Olivia was in her high chair!

Before dinner and the party, Nana always asks for a picture...and it gets harder every year!
 I love the process of trying to get that "best" shot of them's one...
And another....
And...Nana asks "who wants to open presents"...
Love them here's as good as it gets...
And I have a photo to frame of Christmas 2012!!

So...the celebration continued with lots of random photos and events...
Tate asked to use my camera...Papa posed!

Then she sat with her princesses and they all watched a movie!

Fingernail polish in her stocking...the best!!

Our youngest with his lovely wife...expecting their first in May!
The excitement continues for our growing family!!

Christmas recipes and projects....
Made this scrumptious munchie with puffcorn, almond bark and crushed peppermint...yum!

Created ornaments for each family this year...with an idea from pinterest!
Pictures printed, sewn and sealed with glitter glue...and here's the back...
It was a fun project...directions are HERE 

That pretty much sums up our holiday...lots of precious time with our kids & grandkids celebrating Jesus' birth and the Christmas Season!

Bring on 2013!  

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