Tuesday, February 5, 2013

We Took a Vacation!!

        Yep, the Lodgemaster and the Resortmom left the resort!  We were gone 2 weeks on a road trip!  We had important stops to make along the way....but this beautiful place was our final destination...

         We stayed 5 nights in a condo overlooking the mountains in St. George, Utah...warm weather...but anything sounds warm when we were -40 in Minnesota!!  We didn't miss that weather at all.  We traveled 2200 miles to this place...but made a few stops before we got here...

Recognize the bride?  It's Alissa!!  Her family are friends from Wichita KS...Alissa has stayed with us for the month of July for several years...living with us and working.  We don't think she'll make it up to work this year...I tried!  I said Colin would understand that she has this place in Minnesota that needs her!  But no...she will be in Kansas this year, continuing her education to be a large animal vet!  Their love in life was reflected in the wedding...
Their cattle brand was printed on the napkins...and
the Groom's cake shared their mutual love...their animals!  
You can read more about their adventures here.  We will miss you in the summer, Alissa,
but we know you have better things to do!!

Alissa & Colin's wedding was one of the best times we've ever had at a wedding!  We had a wonderful time visiting with friends & family...and friends who are "like family"!  We can't help but have fun when we're with these kids...
My cousin, Jackie, and her fun-loving husband, Dan!  We have been friends since birth!  Our Dad's are twins...I'm the oldest of 8 and Jackie is second oldest of 7...so any time our families got together it was a crowd...and we played our hearts out!  Dan & Jackie came to the resort our first year here...and have been here every July for 2 weeks...for 25 years!  They're family has grown like ours...and all those grand babies are growing up with our little ones...spending 2 weeks together every year.

Yes, we get dressed up once in awhile too!  

         We left the wedding stop and headed southwest....next stop was Las Vegas...and not for the gambling!  I have 2 brothers who live there with their families and we were long overdue for a visit!  Did I mention it was a long drive?  We drove through Kansas to Oklahoma, then Texas, New Mexico, Arizona...and finally arrived in Vegas.  My brother, Ben, had suggested we make a 1/2 hour stop at Hoover Dam since we would drive right by it...so we did!
This is a view of the dam...and you can see the white lines on the rocks that show how low Lake Mead is...guess they need moisture like we do here!  We got out and walked the pedestrian bridge over the dam...
This was the view...and not Steve's favorite place to be standing...so we only walked halfway and headed back to the car and onto Vegas!

  We bunked with my oldest brother, Ben, and his wife, Beth.  Ben took us on excursions to see the mountains...we stopped at Red Rock and watched this...
Look close...there's a guy climbing this giant rock on the side of the mountains...we stood there for awhile waiting to see if he fell...he didn't!
Ben and his big sis at Red Rock...such beautiful country!

We had such fun visiting and relaxing and not having to drive for 2 whole days!  We even got to see youngest brother, Doug & Becky's son, Ocean, play basketball!
He played a great game and we're so glad we got to be there!

We never get enough of our family there...but we had fun seeing everyone, playing with their grandkids and the dogs too!  

         We left Vegas after 2 days and headed north to our final destination....St. George, Utah!  We had never been there, so we chose our condo online and were very pleasantly surprised when we got there!  It looked even better than the pictures!  It really made me wonder how our guests find us and what their reactions are when they get here...we hope it's a good one!
           We spent 5 days in St. George....the weather was awesome!  We drove to Zion National Park one day and had a great time hiking and seeing all the wildlife.
This was our beautiful drive from our condo to the park...a little different landscape from MN!

I was excited to find this 8 point mule deer while hiking the trails!  He posed for me!

The only snow and ice we saw on our trip was in the mountains!

Steve was able to play golf one day with cliffs as his obstacles!  He had fun...I had my sewing machine along,
so guess what I did?
That's another whole blog post...stay tuned!
We traveled almost 5000 miles round trip and had a wonderful experience...we decided mutually
that it was not going to be a yearly trip...at least not by car!  We'll definitely fly next time!
And we LOVE our home!  Maybe travel does that?  Makes you appreciate the blessings
you have right in front of you!


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