Friday, February 8, 2013

My Sewing Adventures

      I just shared with you our winter trip....but one of the most exciting stops on the trip(for me) was this place...
If you haven't heard of this quilt shop, you can visit it HERE
I have been watching Jenny Doan's youtube videos for a few years...she teaches you everything you ever wanted to know about quilting...but didn't know where to find it!  Honestly, she's good!  Well, I walked into the store(thank you, hubby, for driving off our intended route to find this place)...

What a wonderful, sunny spot this place was!  I was overwhelmed when I walked in the door, but soon found all the precuts that this place is famous for...they offer a "daily deal" on their website that you just have to have...their internet business probably far outsells their shop...they are located in Hamilton, Missouri, a very small town!  I browsed the shop, trying to take in everything since I knew it might be my only trip here!  I asked one of the girls if the famous "Jenny" was there...AND SHE WAS!  She took me back to the corner of the shop where Jenny sews all day long...when she doesn't stop to chat!

Oh my gosh...I got to meet her and we visited for 45 minutes!  She was so warm and welcoming, just like she is on her youtube videos!  There's a link on their website to search the videos and watch the patterns you just have to look her up!  She is so personable...we chatted about where I was from and how I got to her...and when she found out I had a resort she said, "oh, have me come!"  Well, twist my arm, Jenny, I would love to make this happen!  So, we'll see if I can work on a quilt retreat and have this famous lady come and share with us!  She has a first-ever pattern book just released with several of her patterns from her videos...can't wait to get mine!  My cousin, who is a quilter too, bought it for me!  It's even autographed by Jenny!

         So, that's one exciting part of our drive to Utah and back home!  I took my sewing machine with me, along with some quilt kits I had cut out at home before we left.  I also had the purchases from the quilt shop to keep me busy!  Wanna see what I accomplished?  Okay...first, let me tell ya...I am part of a Baby Quilt Ministry at our church.  We make and give quilts to new babies born in our church family.  It's such a fun project, so I took kits with me to sew some quilt tops for these babies...and here's some of what I got done!

I also worked on some quilts for the grandkids...
This little quilt is sewn in 9 patches, but I will cut each set in half horizontally & vertically and then create a quilt with the cut squares!

And I found this little quilt hanging in a quilt shop in Wichita KS and just have to make it for all my little girls!

Isn't it just the cutest little wallhanging?  Should be a fast project x 4 little girls!  Oh dear, perhaps our grandbaby coming in May is a girlie...I might need another one!
Guess I'll have plenty of projects to keep me busy until the guests arrive in May!
So, come ahead big snowstorm on Sunday!  I know what I'll be doing!
Hope you get a chance to sew if that's your passion!

And perhaps we'll get Miss Jenny up here someday to sew with us!!


  1. So awesome, Susie! I know my mom had A BLAST shop hopping all the way to Kansas and back :) Can't wait to get sewing with you this summer - and I'm totally in for a quilting retreat, should one be planned . . .

  2. Is that what you were working on today :)

    I didn't know you did that! What a cool ministry! That little stripey one on the top is so stinking cute that I might just trade Kit in for a girl! (Poor kit):) They are all so different & all so special...leave it to you to find a really cool way to serve others!