Thursday, January 7, 2010

Addicted to Nintendo DS

And you kids out there don't think old people know how to play these new-fangled hand-held video games!!  I got a pink Nintendo DS last Christmas from Max & Sara...I thought it was really funny that a grandma gets her own DS to play!  But...I like it!  Now, my sewing pre-empts this DS playing most days, but sometimes it just feels good to sit and try and beat the game!  Tonite I was playing Calvin's new "I Spy" game...he left here accidentally so I decided to try it...well, an hour later I was so hooked...and doing quite well, too...of course the game is probably rated for very young children...but it takes Grandmas a little longer to get the whole eye/hand coordination thing going...but I think I could beat any of you now! your DS up this summer and we'll have some tournaments...I might even let you play with mine!  I doubt I'll have much time in the I'm making up for it this winter by playing my fool head off.  Does anyone have the "card sharks" game?  It has bowling on it...and that is addicting too.  I think that's the intention of Nintendo...don't you think? 

Don't tell Calvin, but I got him the baseball game for his DS for his birthday...I might have to open it before April and try it out...wouldn't want it to be too hard for him!!

Enjoy all that snow you Midwesterners!  We didn't get it this time, but I'm sure we will soon.  It's too stinkin cold to snow right now!

Maybe I'll play just bedtime!

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  1. Stephanie EricksonJanuary 8, 2010 at 11:25 PM

    I'm so jealous you have a pink DS!!! We have a boring blue one, but the pink one is so cute! I really like to play Picross on it.