Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Favorite Room...

      In the winter time, my favorite room is my sewing room.  I can hibernate in there for hours at a time.  This past week, I took 2 days and sorted, labeled, folded and reorganized most of my "stash" of fabric.  If you're a true "fabriholic", the disease can ravage you from time to time...fabric just jumps into your arms when you're near a fabric store.  The smell of that fabric store makes you want to buy the neat little bundles and set them ever so nicely on your sewing room shelves, never to be used but just smelled and touched from time to time(right Barb?). 
      So, Jen, this chore is one reason that the boys quilts are "in progress" and have been for a few months.  Other fabrics holler at me and I have to stop what I'm doing and handle new fabrics, smell them and arrange them artfully on my shelves.
      I truly think my true calling might be the whole organizational thing...I can't resist organizing when I'm at someone else's girls are all testimony to that.  They all humor me and let me organize their pantries, kitchen drawers, basements...I actually think they have begun creating "messes" before I arrive so that I'll feel needed!  Well, thanks girls, I do appreciate that.  And you can come organize my house any time you want!
      Below are some wonderful photos of my organized sewing abode...drool away...and come sew with me!  I love company...and Lord knows I have plenty of fabric/buttons/ribbons/etc. to share with everyone!


  1. Please come to my house!!!! I'm not as bad as my mom, but I'm not as good as you. I could keep you busy this cold winter......

  2. Oh my, I need you to come to my sewing room. First I need to buy lots of containers. My fabric is in drawers and laying on bookcases and in a storage unit (which is really a bookcase with doors) plus in baskets and in big rubbermaid tubs. Doesn't look near as tidy as your place. And you have LABELS!!!! I'm jelous!! LABELS! I want some.