Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ahoy, Matey!

      Our life just got alot busier yesterday with the arrival of our first guests!  We only have 2 cabins rented right now, but as the week goes on, we have guests arriving almost the weekend we'll have one empty cabin!  We are so thankful for our guests...and we look forward to a very busy summer.
      This past week, we got a delivery of a much-anticipated "toy" that will soon be inhabited by many kids at a time...a pirate ship!  We had seen the ship on the website of some friends who also own a resort and the journey began to order it and get it built.  The 3 "pirates" delivered the boat on a flatbed trailer in pieces and quickly had it put together.  They humored me and posed for photos so I could journal the ship's trip to our playground.
      Our Bemidji grandkids came out that night to break it in...and gave their approval...even the little girlie liked climbing around inside...and she's short enough to walk all over inside the ship without bending over. 
      Every pirate who comes to the resort will need to come in the lodge for their eye patch and tattoo before boarding the ship!  It's pirate policy!
      Enjoy the pictures....and we look forward to christening this ship...probably with apple juice several times over the summer!

Here's the crew who delivered the ship and built it!

              Pieces laid out for construction....and building the sides of the galley.

Nearly finished...but at this point we realized that the ship would need to be moved to make room for all the swings, slide, ladder and we stopped for the day.....

                              The finished ship....ready for these guys....

                                                         and girls....


  1. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! Wow is that cute! The kids will love it!