Friday, May 14, 2010

Wedding #4....the Final Countdown!

      Well, we did it...or rather, they did it!  John & Alicia celebrated their wedding on Saturday, May 8th, one week before fishing opener!  That is significant because his parents, that's us, asked that they get married before our resort season started...and we open tomorrow!
      Their wedding was in Janesville, MN, where Alicia's family lives.  The reception was in Mankato, just about 15 minutes from Janesville.  The weekend was a wonderful, happy time.  The ceremony was one fainted....and it didn't rain.  The day before the wedding was cold and rainy all day long.  We had the rehearsal Friday evening and the groom's dinner was a catered meal at Alicia's parents house.  The entire weekend was a memorable time with all our kids and grandkids able to be there.  Our last wedding was 7 years ago when Jen & Marc got married.  Will, the oldest grandson, was a baby....this time, we had 9 grandkids.... I can't wait to see that family photo!!  We should have had someone taking pictures of the photographer trying to get all the kids to look....he took several shots, so we're hoping one turns out for our "wedding wall" in our living room.  It will complete the journey of the weddings of all 4 of our kids.  What memories! 
      I certainly don't have professional photos, but we captured some memorable moments of the weekend.  Enjoy....we sure did!

Congrats, John & Alicia
May 8, 2010

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