Saturday, May 15, 2010

Order Your Sweatshirt!....Sneak Peak at New Products....

      Happy Fishing Opener Day!  Did you make a cake?  Presents?  No?  Neither did we!  But...we do have a variety of new sweatshirts to show, if you like the excitement of walking into the lodge when you arrive and seeing all the new colors, just quit reading and "x-out" of this page....are you still there?  You can't stand it, can you?
      Last year, I ordered these awesome pastel hooded zip sweatshirts...and they sold out very re-ordered this year and have lots!  But....if you bought one last year, I'm sure you fell in love with it like I did and want a different color this year.  So...if these are what you're looking for, call or email and I will hold one for you.  The sizes run pretty's a thin, cool-feeling sweatshirt that washes up beautifully.  The colors are lime green w/pink stitching, yellow w/aqua stitching, pink w/aqua stitching and aqua w/pink stitching.  The colors are featured here:

These zip jackets come in coral or black...pockets and band bottom:
These hockey sweats are heavy weight; very popular:

This year we have "photo" t-shirts for kids & adults:

More sweats & t's coming...check back...and give us a call or
email if you want to "reserve" your souvenir!
Now...go catch that walleye!  I only hope to post a photo of mine later...
don't hold your breath!

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  1. I love the zip hoodies, but I'm afraid I won't be fitting into one this year :) Maybe I can purchase one for next summer.....