Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Birthdays...a New Cabin...and a Haircut!

Well, the wonderful guy I live with turned 60 last week!  We were invited to dinner at the Bloomquist house and Papa got a birthday hat, a homemade apple pie and even candles!  It was exciting...much more exciting than celebrating by ourselves!

Then we traveled to Shakopee and celebrated this little guy's birthday...

Lucien turned 3 just one day after Papa's birthday!  We celebrated with cousins and aunts and uncles, grandpas and grandmas and friends too!  He had an exciting day!

Then Papa and I drove to Brainerd for our 3 day resort conference.  We had a great time seeing all our resort owner friends, listening to stories from the summer and gathering a wealth of information to help us all be better resort owners.  Steve was the conference chairman and he did a wonderful job...and we were glad when the conference was over and we could come home to this....

a new cabin #7 being built!!

Steve and Wrigley are checking out the work done while we were was just a concrete slab 4 days ago!

The steps leading to the second story...a giant bedroom and second bathroom for the cabin!

These pictures were taken yesterday...and now the guys worked all day today
 and have even more done...
(more photos to come later)

And....even the dog looked different when we picked her up at the kennel....
She got a new haircut and even got a bath!  Katie takes very good care of her there!
Thanks Katie!!
Wrigley loves the kennel because Katie is there...she lives across the road from us
and Wrigley has known her forever!

And the weather...well, this fall will be remembered as one of the warmest!  We've had
frost a couple of times, but we're still enjoying warm days!  Hope it lasts so we can get
the cabin finished before winter gets here!!


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  1. I think a late 60th party is called for this next June?! The cabin looks great, can't wait to see it in person. Happy Birthday to all and Pat tomorrow.
    From Geralyn