Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to John...and his Mom...

      27 years ago, this Mom had a baby....a 10 pound baby!  He was supposed to be a girl, according to his 10 year old sister....his 8 yr. old and 5 yr. old brothers really didn't have an opinion.  But that big sister thought 2 brothers was enough for any girl and she ordered a girl and she thought that's exactly what God would give her!  Well, her Mommy told her that at least it wouldn't be 6 brothers like the Mommy had!  And gee, I love em all...and I did finally get a sister after 4 brothers...but when this 10 pound baby arrived in our house, we decided we probably wouldn't hit that "6 boys & 2 girls" status that my parents had accomplished!
      So....the 10 year old sister went back to sleep the morning that she was told by phone that she had another brother...but let me tell you, when we brought that darling baby boy home the next day, she became his big sister and his other mommy...and life was good!  Enjoy these memories...I sure did!
John Kenneth (about 24 hours old)

Max & Jen excited about their new brother...

Sam loved to climb in the crib with his baby brother...

Our family picture 1984...not one of us aware of what God had planned for us
just 3 years later....

And yes, this 4th baby was born on his Mother's from that point on, he got to choose the cake,
he got the glory each November 9th....but isn't that what any Mom would let their cute baby boy do??
Happy Birthday, will never forget your Mother's birthday, will you!

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