Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Construction Continues....and Winter Arrives!

      I find myself taking pictures of the cabin progress...and then can't find the time to update the blog!'s a progression of pictures that should show the cabin is getting done!  And it's going to be awesome!  This week the carpenters have fought the weather...we've really been fortunate this fall with warm weather, but winter is finally coming.  We had snow flurries today and some slick roads....ugh!  Now it will be a long time before we see spring...
      But....we get to varnish and decorate a cabin this winter...that will be fun!
Here's the progress photos....
You can see the design of the cabin...2 story, open ceiling...

Here's Wrigley checking out the upstairs of the giant bedroom!

And here's the cool "log" beam in the living room...

This photo is for Jennifer Seidel...we put windows back into the back of
the the original cabin had!  She requested this!

This picture was taken today...shingles, carport, windows, door...progress!

Picture taken from stairway...white area will be large windows in living/dining area!

So...the cabin construction is going well...we're hoping the heavy snow holds off until
we get most of the work done!
Check back for more pictures....
and Happy Thanksgiving!

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