Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cabin Update....and Christmas Decor at Nana's...

        Cabin #7 is progressing beautifully!  Steve says the work is ahead of schedule.  All the windows are in and the cabin is all insulated inside, ready for plastic covering and then the drywall and pine walls can begin.  The cooler temps have slowed everyone down a little.  The propane heaters help keep the inside warm, but the outside log siding will wait until warmer temps.
Here's cabin #7 with windows, soffetts and green shingles...covered with snow!

Here's the upstairs room/window...all insulated and ready for pine walls.

Here's the view out that window to the lake...frozen with one fishhouse out there
so far.  It'll be a beautiful view of the sunsets next summer!

Inside our house...Christmas is brewing.  The tree is decorated, the window is filled with
all things musical...
And this munchkin is one of 9 frequent visitors who make sure they're all singing at the same time!

This is a sleigh & reindeer that Steve made in 8th grade...our kids and
now the grandkids, love playing with it and re-arranging everything...wait...
Santa seems to be missing...

Oh...there he is, in the cradle next to Linus...hmmm, wonder who did that?

Could it be this short person?  She seems to rearrange the Snoopy
display every chance she gets!

Here's what it looks like on a good day....who am I kidding...
a good day is whenever there's short people playing with the decorations!

Oh...looks like the "rearranger" visited the nativity scene too!

And aren't the little ones who touch and play and rearrange the magic
of Christmas??  We certainly think so!
Happy Holidays at your house...and hope there's someone to move things around for you too!

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