Sunday, December 19, 2010

December musings...

       Oh boy, this month is flying by and still lots to do before Christmas!  Does everyone feel this way?  I'm really not stressing.  I start the season with lots of ideas and projects I'd like to get done...then I reach a point where what got done is it...and no need to worry about what didn't get done!  Every year I have this vision of making a lap quilt for all my kids and a fun new blankie for all the grandkids...who am I kidding!!  I'd have to go somewhere for 2 weeks with no phone and no's not worth it!  Christmas will come and everyone will have gifts to open...and the reason for the season is Jesus...not presents...or unfinished quilts!  Thank goodness!  But...I did get some cute little blankies made...3 for my little granddaughters' new baby dolls and 1 for a grandniece(wow, that makes me old)'s the little blanket for Rowan Elise Swigart.
It's a quilt made with 2 fabrics and is a self-binding quilt.  I found the link here for the instructions.
 Her directions are very easy for a beginner or a seasoned sewer.  It goes together fast and you can use
any flannels or fleece fabrics.

       Continuing with December news...we had visitors this weekend.  Sam came up with Ben, 5, and Lucien, 3, and left mommy at home with Monica, 1.  John & Alicia also came up...the big kids played in an alumni basketball tournament in Blackduck...and the little kids got to play with Papa & Nana.  We went outside and the boys tried the winter sports...let's call it hockey/ decide...

Lucien setting up the ball/puck
He could hit it further on brick rather than snow!

       On Saturday afternoon, 3 more cousins added to the fun and the 4 boys took some quiet time to watch a movie...
Calvin, 6, Ben, 5, Lucien, 3, and Nathan, 4....a rare moment of no one in motion!

This Nana loves spending time with all these little guys...they grow up too fast!  Christmases will come and go, but the memories of our time with grandchildren is so precious!
I hope all the grandmas and grandpas get lots of cuddle time during the holidays with their little ones!
Merry Christmas!
More December stories to come...

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