Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Special Delivery

        This grandma is very excited to share the holidays with all our little munchkins!  There are several reasons why...it's always fun to just watch all the grandkids together and see the fun they have with each other.  This year is our first Christmas with 3 little granddaughters....and I think the gifts and the little girls' outfits...might add a little bit of ruffles, bows and girlie stuff to the occasion. 

Jillian is the oldest...

then Monica...

and Miss Tate is the youngest of the crew!

This year I get to buy these for my girlies....

         3 little Bitty Babies with eyes the same color as the little girl who's getting each one.  I have inspected each baby to make sure they're ready for their new homes...they will each have a new blankie to cuddle in...and I think even the mommys will ooh and aah when Jillian, Monica and Tate get to open this present.  I have been a doll lover for my whole life, and I always remember the smell of a new doll on Christmas morning...it's heavenly to me!  I have most of Jen's dolls from her childhood...except for those we have been able to sneak home with Jill...I love having babies at my house for the little ones to play with, but also can't wait to share stories with these little girls about my love of dolls...and encourage that love in each of them.
         I know that my granddaughters love me, but there's a certain guy that they're all crazy about...he lives with me...and he's totally smitten with these little girls...
Jillian, 21 months, lives the closest and hardly leaves Papa's side when she's here to visit.

Monica, 17 months, figured out this summer that her and Papa had something in common...they both like ice cream!!

Tate, 10 months, loves Papa, too, and already knows that he is the resident "book" guy...you can bring him
a book anytime and he is always ready to read...and all the grandkids love that!

Here's our wall of blessings...

It's newly created, so the pictures need tweaking and they're a little crooked and I'm sure we'll change out the pictures as we get new ones...and these little ones grow another year older...but we feel as the verse states...we "give thanks" for these 9 blessings in our lives and we get to spend the holidays with all of them....and their parents(our kids).

Merry Christmas...may you all have dollies to buy...and trucks...and dinosaurs...and Star Wars guys...or whatever your little ones are dreaming of.

And don't forget to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus!  He's the most important reason for this season!



  1. Very sweet...a nice read with my coffee this morning.

  2. Waaaaay too cute!! Wish I could be there....Tosontsengel is supposed to hit 56 below F tonight....b-b-b-brrrrr....

    your loving sis