Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cabin #7 Updates...and Cabin #6 too!

         Cabin #7 is nearing the end of construction!  The log siding is being put up, bathroom floors are we need to get the kitchen flooring and carpeting for the bedrooms and stairs and whatever we're doing in the living room...haven't quite decided on that yet.  Here's some new photos...
The lodgemaster admiring the new cabin...siding started...

Downstairs bathroom...walk-in shower.

Upstairs bathroom with tub/shower unit.

     Cabin #6 was a puzzle...we talked about adding an upstairs, but the cabin is very sound...doesn't need to be rebuilt like #7 had to be.  So...we're adding a new kitchen, bathroom and floor coverings.  New hickory cupboards just like cabin countertops, sink, appliances...

Cabin #6 kitchen, gutted and ready for new cupboards.

New cupboards in boxes in living room...ready to be installed.

     The problem with spring in Minnesota is...spring just won't come!  The piles of snow just stare at us and the lake is still frozen.  We've had swans and geese stopping by, looking for open water...we need alot warmer temps to see any sign of spring! 

Northern MN spring...sidewalks are showing!!  Yeah!  You can't tell, but that circular drive is quicksand
and sloppy mud!  All resort owners have to own rubber boots...very fashionable-looking!

Another sign of can see the bricks on the patio!

I guess it's the little things that get us excited for spring...if grass is showing, we don't even see those dirty piles of snow!!
Happy Spring!   I hope!!

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  1. I think it fianlly willbe here this week! Oh how I miss Spring too! I am excited for tomorrow...looks promising! Cabin looks great! How exciting! You are going to have some happy visitors this summer!!!

    Very cool that you raised the "smae family" as I am going to! Annie IS very helpful too & I will take your advice & have that girl help. Good to know you are still alive & that I might make it too :) Actually my husbands family was exactly the same too! I can't imagine what the chances of that were!

    Hope you are able to get out & enjoy the 70s tomorrow! Take Care & thanks soooo much for your sweet words about Roo & my family!!!!